About us

Below is a summary of the type of Scanning Solutions we are actively involved with fulfilling for our Clients.

Active Solutions

Active Solutions can incorporate anything from a simple Explorer based solution for storing and managing the Documents we have imaged for you, up to a fully Windows based Database that will provide you with a full Search & Find capability, coupled with Filter Features. Most Documents are scanned in a PDF format, this provides Global Access to your Imaged Files and Documents via your LAN and WAN networks. Individual Files and Documents can be Bookmarked to great detail to allow easy Navigation around multi page files. Imaged files can be E-Mailed direct from screen to requesters both in and out house. Active Solutions is founded on a philosophy based on the premise of "One Size" does not fit all, each Client and Departments within each Clients Company are advised and supported on an individual basis tailored to their own requirements. All types of Documents can be Scanned and Imaged by SSL including Full Colour, and all sizes from Bus Ticket to A0.

Cold Data Storage Solutions

SSL offer a range of Premium scanning Services tailored to bulk scanning of high volume archive data. The quality of our imaging is never compromised however "CDS" offers a lower level of document retrieval features, reflecting the lower access requirements of the scanned documents.

Disaster Recovery Backup

SSL store Backup Copies of the Scanned Documents processed for our Clients, therefore we are able to play an integral part in our Customers Business Contingency Strategy.

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